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For starters

We offer support where you need it. With expertise and experience in electronics development, we want to help you overcome hurdles and successfully bring your great product to market.

Where are you at

in the development of your product?

Avoid stumbling blocks, lower market hurdles and bring a successful product to market. Consultancy, development and support throughout the entire product development cycle.

The idea phase

Inspiration. Brainstorming. Strategy.

Together, we concretise the idea and ensure that it is technically feasible. We offer comprehensive advice on the possibilities and pitfalls so that you are prepared for everything. Your idea can then be turned into an accurate project and development concept.

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The concept phase

Concretise. Plan. Find compromises.

This is where your system concept is created: a concept that takes budget, schedule and requirements into account. Together we discuss specific requirements in terms of functionality, quality and compliance with framework conditions. Appropriate project management keeps us on track. Of course, we help you to understand the process, the stumbling blocks and the compliance requirements.

The development

Circuits. Hardware. Software.

We deliver hardware and software in accordance with the jointly developed requirements. Our developers work according to industry standards, with professional tools and established methods. We don’t experiment here – unless the customer wants us to.

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Testprozess bei der Elektronikentwicklung

Quality assurance

Conformity to standards. Producibility. Testability.

The aim is to ensure that your electronics development project fulfils the necessary quality standards and meets the applicable compliance requirements. We help you to understand these requirements and implement appropriate measures.

Manufacturing & Sales

Production, Cost reduction, Lifecycle Support

We advise on cost-optimised production, can put you in touch with suitable manufacturers and work with you to remove any stumbling blocks to publication. The success of your product is the ultimate goal.

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Is your idea realistic? What are you facing? What can be improved?

Our free introductory audit offers you maximum benefit in terms of advice. We can support you with our professional assessment, especially in the idea phase. For advanced projects, we contribute our extensive experience and facilitate a productive dialogue about the project.

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Present. Exchange. Learn.

We will be offering new themed seminars at regular intervals. The first of these will be a seminar on “From the idea to the concept”. All information on dates and dial-in details will be announced shortly on all communication channels.

Topic contributions

Learn. Marvel. Inspire.

We share articles on our social media channels and in our blog to help you successfully realise your product idea. Do you have specific topic requests or questions? We would love to hear from you and be able to better support you as a product developer. Send us a message with your concerns!

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